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Image of Dan Bye, a middle aged white man with short brown hair, wincing as he holds up a toy gun to his head which has shot out a tiny flag with a happy face drawn on it.
Alphabetti Theatre, Daniel Bye & ARC Stockton present a WORLD PREMIERE of
Imaginary Friends

Written by Daniel Bye

Tues 19th March – Sat 6th April 2024

Times:  7:30pm plus 1pm Saturday Matinees

Tickets:   Pay What You Feel (19th – 23rd March)

£15 - £3  (26th March – 6th April)

Age Recommendation: 12+

Access performances: Captioned - Wednesday 27th March

Audio described - Wednesday 3rd April

Relaxed, all Saturday Matinees

It’s the end of the world. Don’t worry! It’s not your fault! (Probably)

After a tragic event, a floundering TV comic finds comfort in his imaginary friends. Not the nice sort, like you had when you were a kid. These are terrible people, and he knows it.


But the ideas they’re coming up with for his failing show are terrific.


How do you save the world when your world has already ended? How do you hear good advice when everyone has the volume turned up to 11? Is it possible that people aren’t all as bad as they seem?


Or is that one idea that’s too controversial for mainstream entertainment?


Imaginary Friends is award-winning writer-performer Daniel Bye’s first solo show for seven years - this is a major event. Book now, for a wild hallucinatory ride through the looking glass of twenty-first century culture.

Praise for Bye's work:


“Funny, wise, impeccably performed. […] Bye is one of the most astute and thoughtful contemporary theatremakers around.”

The Stage

“Bye is an exceptional storyteller”

Exeunt Theatre Magazine 


“Fascinating, terrifying and thought-provoking”

The Guardian


“Captivating and illuminating” 

The Independent


“Unforgettable. Beautifully written.”

The Scotsman


“Riveting, funny and thoughtful” 

The Guardian

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