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Rosie Bowden presents 
LASSES: Kicking ass and gathering en masse (for International Women's Day!)

Friday 8th March 2024

Friday 8th March 2024
Times:  Girl Dinner 8.15pm
 Show 9pm
Finish approximately 10.15pm 
Tickets: £10 full, £5 concession, £3 No questions (limited to 10 and online only)
Running Time: Approx. 75 mins
Age Rec: 14+
Covid-19 Policy: We are no longer operating social distancing, and face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory–our policy is reviewed fortnightly.

Join the lasses for a mint night of female talent. A mixed bill cabaret of North East based female creatives curated by Rosie Bowden. Let's crack on and change the narrative. It’ll be lush.

For this special International Women's Day event, there will be a *girl dinner before the event. Please arrive at 8.15pm with any girl dinner dishes you would like to add to the spread. No stress if you can't bring a dish, you can still join and nibble!



Rosie does arts stuff. Rosie still feels new to arts stuff.

Rosie is now regularly showing off new lasses, bringing people together and loving it. 

Rosie wants you to come and eat food, listen to our community choir and have a brilliant Friday night.


March 8th is International Women's Day! Rosie is chuffed to have more newbies and familiar faces on such a cool day. Rosie would like to celebrate them and clap them and woo at them and buy them a drink after. Rosie would like you to come. And this time, we have even more room... 


Join us for a little bit of everything, as we take what is and make it ours. We are changing the narrative with a sprinkling of joy and if I know you, you probably don’t want to miss it.

The lasses kicking ass are:


Maya Torres and the Girls, Theys and Slays choir


Maya Torres is a young performer and creative from the North East. Her stage credits include : Pints (Live Theatre), The Fear (Alphabetti Theatre), Endo The Line (Live Theatre), We (Open Clasp), Birdie (workshop), Can You Keep A Secret (Please don’t) (Alphabetti Theatre) , Hold Me Tight (Live Theatre),  The Sorcerers Apprentice (Northern Stage) and most recently, Wintry Tales (Live Theatre). On Screen she can be seen as lead, Sanam  in the BAFTA winning short How To Be A Person (E4, Channel 4) and as Mindy Singh in Blue Jean (BBC Films, BFI) released in cinemas in 2023 as well as in the McDonald’s ‘Selfie’ campaign. 


Maya will be running the "Girls, Theys and Slays choir" which is made up of North East women and non-binary folk with passion for a sing-song! 


Caitlin Fairlamb


I'm Caitlin, a local actor from Newcastle. I graduated Project A in 2021 where I met the lovely Rosie Bowden. Since graduating I've performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, at Live Theatre as part of their 50th anniversary play readings and The Custom’s House Christmas panto to name a few.

I am super excited to join the line up for Lasses: Kicking Ass and Gathering En Masse, especially as it’s on international woman’s day. Let’s celebrate being a woman!


Lucy Davis 


Hello! My name is Lucy Davis and I’m a singer, actor, sometimes dancer, depends on the day. I graduated from SA performing arts academy in 2020 so the best year ever…. Thankfully, in 2022 I got cast as Maid Marion in The Customs House Panto and since then I have been very lucky to be in several of their shows throughout the year.  I am so so excited to be apart of this amazing night of lasses kicking asses! Because we really do! It’s going to be an amazing night and can’t wait to put it all together. 




*Girl Dinner is a slang term that gathered traction in 2023 when TikToker Olivia Maher posted a video showing her simple uncooked  dinner comprised of bread, cheese, grapes and pickles, calling it "girl dinner" And jokingly comparing it to a "medieval peasants' dinner." Several other internet users then shared their versions of "Girl Dinner," which are often charcuterie board-inspired easy to assemble meals with little to no cooking involved.

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