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Alphabetti Theatre and Anna Robinson present
No. 9 by Anna Robinson | directed by Paula Penman


Performance Time: 7:30pm

Covid-19 Policy: This production will have socially distanced tickets which will sell out fast, audience numbers vary depending on restrictions.  

​Tickets:  Pay What You Feel (booking essential) 

Running Time: TBC 

Age Rec: 16+

Access: Wednesday 2nd March will be a captioned performance, Wednesday 9th March will be audio described, and Tuesday 1st & 8th March will be relaxed.

Ever feel like sticking two fingers up to silver linings? 

It all started with an event, in this case an assault. But this isn’t the main story. No.9 was inspired by an actual trauma, and conversations with the survivor about how people reacted to being told. Did they ask how you were dressed or if you were drunk? Did they offer you a sticky plaster or tell you to make lemonade? Or was it too bitter for them to hear, did they turn a blind eye or look the other way? Was it shameful? What were you wearing? How much did you drink? Cheer up love, it could have been worse.

No. 9 is a party for people who feel lost when someone close to them is going through the thick of it, it laughs at the absurdities and dances in the face of shame and fear, singing catchy tunes and banging beats all in the search for a better thing to say to that someone. Expect live music, mustard yellow, wacky characters and fabulous outfits.