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SQUARMS, We Make Culture & Alphabetti Theatre present  
SQUARMS (+ Support TBC) LIVE on the D'Addario Stage


Performance Time: 8:00pm  

Live Audience: Mixed seating and standing

Tickets:  Pay What You Feel (booking essential) 

Running Time: Approx. 1.5 hours

Age Rec: 16+ 

Dystopic dreamers, ethereal entities and auteurs of reality. SQUARMS allow a look beyond the velvet curtain of worldly theatrics, and into the deep excess of the digital age. 

A dive into where we find ourselves in the present, culturally haunted by the past, nostalgia, memories, dreams intermingling with society's collective desire for escapism. Existing as digital entities spread over vast global networks, performing duties, tasks, labour. Your thoughts, routines, moods, locations all being indexed for their profit. Your attention being farmed every moment of it. Can autonomy survive.

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Alphabetti Theatre have teamed up with We Make Culture’s Young Musicians Project to provide their participants a safe, professional platform to perform, offering support slots to these incredible young artists. We Make Culture are a social enterprise, based in Sunderland, and deliver high quality music-making programmes across the city.