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Luna Attic Productions & Alphabetti Theatre Present
Roll For Initiative Cast Poster.jpg
Roll For Initiative: The Wizards Tower

23rd Jan to 27th January 2024

Doors: 7:00pm 

Start: 7:30pm 

Interval:  8.30pm 

Complete: 9:45pm (ish)


General (£15), Concession (£7.50) Suitable for Over 65, Student, Artist, Unemployment Benefit, Disability Benefit. Please note proof of concession eligibility may be asked for upon arrival at the box office. Complimentary tickets are available for PAs supporting those with access requirements.

No Questions (£3) If you can't afford any of the other tickets categories but still want to see the show then please purchase this one – no questions will be asked.

Running Time: Approx. 135 minutes (including an interval)

Age Rec: 15A (warning there will probably be swearing)

Covid-19 Policy: We are no longer operating social distancing, and face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory–our policy is reviewed fortnightly

Roll For Initiative introduces “The Wizards Tower- Totally Bar-Baric!”


Roll for Initiative are a troupe of performers bringing live, Interactive, playable, theatrical experiences to audiences based on well-loved role-playing games.


“Brilliant, Not laughed like that in a while, 1,000,000% want to see more”.


‘The Wizard’s Tower’ is their first genre-based experience and is an Interactive Improvised fantasy comedy quest adventure, suitable for 15A audiences, reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons as well as many other well loved fantasy game/movies.

(15A warning- there will probably be swearing)

Create the evenings Heroes by filling out a character sheet and enrolling them into N.A.G, The ‘Naff Adventurers Guild’ to be selected at random. A Quest master will facilitate the evening based upon audience suggestions, usually with hilarious outcomes. Our performers will act out Heroes, NPPC’s (that’s non playable, playable characters), monsters, villains- absolutely everything else, whilst our tech wizard improvises music and sound effects to boot! There will be fights, you can turn the tide of the story, choose the adventure, help, or kill!? Our heroes. ROLL THE GIANT D20!! No two shows are the same.


“Brilliant! Fabulous, engaging and intriguing! Great spontaneous acting from all!”

“Brilliant! You don’t need to be a dnd wiz…hopefully will give them the dnd bug #dndworlddomination”


Roll for Initiative has been created by Luna Attic, Creative Director/Performer Michelle Bayly and the rest of the troupe; Graham Oakes, Adam Harrison, Liam Scarth, Helen Doyle, Hazel Dixon, Jake Wilson-Craw and Michael Curry.

More Audience Feedback

“It was Amazing! I loved it and made me want to play DnD.”

“Fantastic Show! 10/10”

“Raucous Fun! Love it. Format was amazing!”

“Very funny and Imaginative”

“10/10 Natural 20”

“I laughed from start to end! What a show!”

“Amazing-very funny 12/10! Really smart, innovative concept! Please do further Campaigns”

“Absolutely hilarious, the cast were brilliant at committing to their characters.”

Extra special shows: 


Tuesday 23rd: JAZZY’S BIRTHDAY BONANZA – It’s Liam’s birthday, and RFI are celebrating with the return of an audience favourite character and birthday boy Jazzy McJaggers who will be the Quest Master for the evening.


Wednesday 24th: DRESS UP night/COSPLAY evening 

Dress up as your favourite film/tv/comic character to join a full audience of others dressed up and take part in the first ever RFI fashion show. Will you be the cosplay champion? (Chance to win free tickets for a future show)

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