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Alphabetti Theatre and The Worriers present

TUES 25TH JAN - SAT 12 FEB 2022

Tree by Gary Kitching & Steve Byron | directed by Rachel Glover

Performance Time: 7:30pm plus a 1:00pm Saturday matinee  

Covid-19 Policy: This production will have socially distanced tickets which will sell out fast, audience numbers vary depending on restrictions.  

Tickets:  Pay What You Feel (booking essential) 

Running Time: 1 hour (approx.)

Age Rec: 16+

Access: Wednesday 2nd February willbe a captioned performance, Wednesday 9th February will be audio described, and all Saturday matinees will be relaxed.

Soon as you start to think about it, you’re f****d.

Two friends talk about life and humanity. They are hilarious, heart-breaking, and packed full of lies. They sing and dance and laugh and cry. Just like real humans. Through a series of cosy and uncomfortable chats Rowan and Hazel dissect each other and the world. They share their favourite songs and musings on life, but there’s a lie so big it’s hard to believe that “everything’s coming up roses”.

The Worriers - Neither a company nor a gang but a growing collective of artists brought together by Gary Kitching, Steve Byron & Ali Pritchard. Previous award winning shows include Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers. Wilfred, Walter, Floorboards, Sucking Eggs and Rocket Girl.

Please note this performance contains: one instance of strong language, grief, references to childhood trauma and abuse. For more information please speak to a member of staff.

Hazel - Judi Earl
Rowan - Jacqueline Phillips

Written by Gary Kitching and Steve Byron
Directed by Rachel Glover
Stage Management by Andrea Scrimshaw
Sound Design by Wilf Stone
Lighting Design by John Rainsforth
Movement Direction by Mona McCarthy
Choral Arrangements and Voice by SHE Choir
Produced by Esther Fearn, Matt Jamie and Ali Pritchard

Have you seen the wraparound programming all inspired by Tree?

Friday 28th Jan @ 21:30 - An Evening of Mystery with Michael Grist and Karl Scott

An intimate night of mind blowing magic and mystery.

Saturday 29th Jan @ 21:30 - Wolfred LIVE on the D'Addario Stage

Incredible original music from the sound designer & composer of Tree - Wilf Stone


Tuesday 1st - Thursday 3rd Fev @ 21:00 - Papi Jeovani Reacts to Tree 

A short piece of theatre created in reaction to Tree by actor, poet  & theatre maker Papi Jeovani

Saturday 5th Feb @ 21:30 - Hieronymus Peach LIVE on the D'Addario Stage 

Ragtime Love Punk and Free Classical Piano soloist from Hieronymus Peach, who helped us build Alphabetti Theatre

Tuesday 8th - Thursday 10th Feb @ 21:00 - Tree Response Play Competition Winner

The winning script, written in response to Tree

Friday 11th Feb @ 21:30 - Grey Tapes LIVE on the D'Addario Stage

Tracing the lines between hip hop, trip hop, jazz, electronica and everything in between.

Saturday 12th Feb @ 21:00 - The 2022 Alphabetti Auction 

Alphabetti's infamous auction hosted by Gary Kitching and Steve Byron