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Peachplant Production and Alphabetti Theatre present a world premiere of 
Whale Of A Time
Written by Carl Wylie & Lucy Curry 


Performance Time: 7:30pm Plus 1pm Saturday Matinees

Covid-19 Policy: This production will have socially distanced tickets which will sell out fast, audience numbers vary depending on restrictions.  

​Tickets:  Pay What You Feel (booking essential) 

Running Time: Approx. 75 mins

Age Rec: 16+

Access: Wednesday 25th May will be a captioned performance, Wednesday 1st June will be audio described, and all Saturday matinees will be relaxed.

Content Warnings: This performance contains swearing and themes that some audiences may find upsetting and distressing for more information please contact the theatre.

A play about two men in a whale. But why? 

Set inside the belly of a whale, we meet Albert, a man in his fifties who has been here for half of his life. Why is he inside of a whale? He has no idea, but after 25 years, he’s pretty much accepted it, it’s home. In washes Robbie, in his twenties and full of beans. They’re an unlikely pairing but we follow their meeting as it turns into friendship. Conversations about life events that Albert had no idea about. What’s Google? Who’s Raoul Moat? And what the hell is a vegan sausage roll? 

Albert has always wanted to get back home to his wife but the only way back is through the blowhole of the whale and it seems like an impossible task. Could Robbie be the solution Albert has been waiting for all these years? And more importantly, why are they here in the first place? Whale Of A Time explores friendship, 'being a man' in different generations and how one person can change the rest of your life. 

About Peachplant productions

Peachplant are a new company in the North East founded in 2021 made up of Lucy Curry and Carl Wylie. Both started out as actors and have opened new doors along the way such as writing, movement directing and illustration. They’re no strangers to Alphabetti and love the work that Alphabetti does for the people and creatives of Newcastle. Peachplant aim to tell ordinary stories in extraordinary ways. 

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