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Felt Nowt presents 
Kelly Edgar: I Don't Think You're Ready For This, Kelly

Friday 3rd May 2024

Doors: 20.30 
Start: 21.00
Tickets: £10 full, £5 concession, £3 No questions (limited to 10 and online only)
Running Time: Approx. 60 mins
Age Rec: 16+
Covid-19 Policy: We are no longer operating social distancing, and face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory–our policy is reviewed fortnightly.

Join Kelly Edgar as they explore the perplexing duality of being both juvenile and past it all at once – because let's face it, it's not a good look

Get ready for a comedic rollercoaster with Kelly Edgar's stand-up extravaganza, "I Don't Think You're Ready For This, Kelly." Join felt nowt for an evening of unparalleled hilarity as Kelly explores the perplexing duality of being both juvenile and past it all at once – because let's face it, it's not a good look.


Ever wondered how someone can seamlessly blend immaturity with the wisdom of age? Kelly Edgar has the answer, and it's not only sidesplitting but also thought-provoking. Embrace the humour in the journey of trying to navigate life's absurdities while maintaining a semblance of adulthood.


"One of the most distinctive new acts in the region in years" - NARC. Kelly's unique comedic style has been turning heads and leaving audiences in stitches. Don't miss the chance to witness a new comedy wonder in action, delivering laughs that resonate with both the young at heart and the seasoned souls.


From musings on the challenges of balancing juvenile antics to reflections on the inevitability of growing up, Kelly's show promises an evening of laughter, self-discovery, and a touch of nostalgia. It's a comedic journey that will leave you questioning, "How can one person be so hilariously contradictory?"


And for those who insist on all the infantilization stuff, Kelly has a humble request: skip the Mr Frosty for Christmas and go for a classy upgrade with a Fat Willy's Surf Shack t-shirt – because, after all, Kelly is a grown-up. But be warned, this stand-up spectacle is anything but mature; it's a riotous celebration of the perpetual struggle between the child within and the wisdom that comes with age.


Get your tickets now for "I Don't Think You're Ready For This, Kelly" – a comedy experience like no other. You're in for an evening of laughter, surprises, and a realization that growing up doesn't mean giving up on the absurdity of life.

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